Child Custody Hearing in VA-Here is what you Should Be Expecting

Court appearances can sometimes be very frightening. And it is especially true when the custody of a child is to be determined by a Virginia Court. Parents ought to walk into the child custody proceedings in Virginia well prepared to face everything which is going to be thrown at them. Here is some important information about what you should expect during the family court proceedings and how you should prepare for the very best outcomes.

Some Tips for Preparing for the Hearing:

As you enter the court to fight for the child custody, it is very important that you are well prepared. Preparation means that you must have all your arguments lined up and it also means bringing in people who are going to support you throughout the trial.

  1. Prepare the Arguments

Prepare all your arguments, if you have hired a child custody lawyer in Virginia, he/she is going to help you throughout this phase. Even if you do not have a lawyer, there are some basic questions you could figure out yourself. These questions include “Do you have suitable living arrangements for your child?” “Will you be able to provide emotional support to your child?” etc.

  1. Prepare Your Answers to All The Different Possible Questions

For instance, if you employed full time, and have a small child, the judge is most probably going to ask you about the arrangements you have made for the child to go to school. If you are currently living in a single room apartment, the judge is most likely to ask about where the child is going to sleep. Have all the answers to these obvious questions well prepared.

  1. Formal Clothing and Hairstyle

Wear formal and conservative clothing. Your hairstyle should be one which sends the message which makes you appear highly responsible.

Expect a Small Setting

As opposed to a criminal matter, a child custody case in Virginia is going to be less adversarial. The matter is mostly presented in a very small setting, unlike to what one might imagine it to be. There are going to be very few people present in the room during the hearing.

Expect an Instantaneous Decision

Soon after both the parties involved in the case present their side in defense in a particular child custody arrangement, the judge is going to render her/his decision. When they reach a determination for the case, the judge is going to take the decision which is in the best interest of the child. The decision is going to include the following points:

  1. Which parent is going to be the custodial parent?
  2. The visitation schedule, including all the holidays and weekends
  3. When the non custodial parent will be allowed to visit the child

Expect the Time Frame To Be Limited

Judges, mediators, along with custody adjudicators hear numerous different child custody cases on a day to day basis. Therefore, there is a strong possibility that a child custody case is not going to last for a very long frame of time as there may be huge numbers of sessions lined to be conducted on that particular day.

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