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Why do you need an attorney in a criminal case in Virginia?

Participation of an attorney in a criminal case is one of the guarantees of protection of your constitutional rights. It is best to ensure this guarantee at all stages of the criminal process: at the inquiry, at the preliminary investigation and directly in court. As practice shows, today only an attorney is interested in protecting the rights of client’s principal. Therefore, the assistance of a criminal defense attorney in Virginia is necessary in any criminal case; this is provided by law. The constitutional principles of criminal proceedings imply the mandatory participation of an attorney in the criminal process as a representative or a defender.

What is the primary task of a Virginia attorney in criminal cases?

Of course, a criminal defense attorney must represent your interests and ensure the legality at the stage of preliminary investigation in the court. A good criminal attorney, firstly, will not allow a formal and stereotyped approach to investigate the case. And secondly, he will take all measures to draw the attention of law enforcement bodies and the court to circumstances that testify the innocence of the defendant or improve his situation.

Criminal attorney services: by agreement or by appointment

Many believe that a “free” attorney is a criminal defense attorney provided by a Court or a prosecutor. This is the work “on purpose”, so the attorney acts either at the request of the suspect (accused) or by the requirements of Art. 51 of the Code of Criminal Procedure and he is will get paid by the state, not by the suspect, which is not true actually.

In all courts attorneys in criminal cases are working according to their purpose. But if a guilty decision is handed down, the defendant will still have to pay for the services of a court-appointed attorney. And it is unrealistic to expect a bail in such situations: even the best criminal attorneys who serve by appointment usually do not have time to get acquainted with the case in detail and think over the defense strategy. As a rule, criminal attorneys appoint prices based on the average market rate. An adequate experienced criminal defense attorney in Virginia will not ask for too little or too much work.

The second basis for the assistance of an attorney in a criminal case is the agreement of the parties. In this case, the attorney is invited by the suspect, accused or other persons on the instructions or with the consent of the suspect (charged). A privately hired criminal defense attorney in Virginia sets the price for his services himself. But the opportunities for adequate protection for him/her are incommensurably higher than that of the defender by the designation. 

How will a criminal defense attorney in Virginia help you?

The best criminal attorneys are specialists who can develop and implement the most effective defense strategy. So, in some situations, the best option is to terminate the case for the reconciliation of the parties. A criminal attorney in court will prove the absence of a composition or an event of a crime. In some cases, an attorney whose criminal law is an “open book” so he will be able to obtain a requalification of the charge for an article with a small form of punishment. Bail will also be possible and there are still many options for protection.

The criminal attorney can offer a concrete strategy only after studying all the materials of the case. The extensive experience of a defense attorney in a criminal case will assert in any situation so it is possible to find an outlet with minimal losses.

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