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Clients who are facing a divorce in Virginia frequently have many questions regarding their case and how the laws apply to their case. To obtain a divorce, either you or your spouse must be a resident of Virginia for at least 6 months prior to filing for divorce. If there are no children from the marriage, you must be separated for a minimum of 6 months and have a written property settlement agreement before you may file for divorce. If there are children from the marriage, you must be separated for a minimum of 1 year before you may file for divorce.

The Fairfax County Commission for Women developed this information because of a large number of women in crisis who lack basic information about the legal process of divorce. The commission receives more calls about this issue than any other.

As anyone, who has experienced it knows, divorce is difficult for everyone involved. Our objective is to help you manage this difficult experience as quickly and painlessly as possible while making sure to protect your goals and interests. While we strive to accomplish this goal through negotiation, we will litigate aggressively and tirelessly for you when this approach is no longer possible.

Finding yourself in a position where you need to seek divorce in Virginia is never easy. The stress you have experienced may be considerable, but now that you have reached this point, you are probably ready to move forward with your decision as quickly as possible.

Some divorce cases in Virginia are more complicated such as those that involve an emotional custody battle or a complex financial analysis, and even with simple cases, legal paperwork and a settlement agreement will need to be drawn up, preferably by someone who has got experience in doing so. One of the reasons why many couples resist getting a divorce is because they worry about the cost and the length of time it takes to complete the process. If you find yourself in a similar situation, an experienced family law attorney could answer your questions and walk you through the process.

According to our survey, the average divorce in Virginia costs $14,500 including $11,500 in attorneys’ fees. Attorneys’ fees are a significant amount of the cost of divorce because the average hourly rate for divorce attorneys in Virginia is around $280. Your attorney’s hourly rate plus the rate of any paralegals and other firm staff factored with the total time spent on your divorce case will determine the amount of attorney’s fees you will pay.

If you are facing divorce in Virginia, then depending on the facts of your case, the process may be either simple or complicated.

A divorce may result in significant costs to you. Not only financial costs as a result of a litigation, but also mental stress. On the other hand, a dissolution may be a very simple no-fault divorce. A no-fault divorce may have very minimal costs if there is no dispute as to both parties wanting the dissolution and there are absolutely no issues such as custody, support, and so on. This is called an uncontested divorce in Virginia.

If you need the help of divorce lawyer in Virginia who knows the laws and process to help you get a divorce in Fairfax, City of Fairfax, Prince William (Manassas), Fauquier (Warrenton), Loudoun (Leesburg), Caroline, Stafford, Spotsylvania (Fredericksburg), Chesterfield, Henrico, Arlington, Richmond, Alexandria, call our law firm immediately for help and speak to a lawyer about your options.

The SRIS Law Group can help you best possible outcome based on the facts of your case. If you wish to consult an SRIS Law Group, P.C. divorce attorney in Virginia who understands the divorce laws and the process, call us at 855-696-3348. B

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