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Operating a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol or other drugs may result in being charged with drunk driving in Virginia and Maryland. Driving under the influence of alcohol, drunk driving, and drinking and driving is commonly referred to as a driving under the influence. Depending on what state you were charged in, the charging document may refer to the charge as a driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated in Virginia and Maryland. Another type of offense is a driving under the influence of drugs or a combination of alcohol and drugs.

Regardless of whether you have been charged with a DUI, DWI, or DUID in Virginia and Maryland, the punishments are very severe. The punishments you obtain from the court are only the beginning. A DUI in Virginia charge can be raised from a Class 1 misdemeanor if someone was injured or killed in an accident caused by the driver who was under the influence.

Unfortunately, crackdowns on drunk driving often lead to the constitutional rights of motorists being violated. An aggressive approach to stopping drunk driving can also lead to innocent people being arrested or to prosecutors forcefully prosecuting suspected DUI offenders to use them as an example to frighten others. If you are convicted of a first Virginia DUI offense, your punishments will depend on your blood alcohol content level. You may be eligible for probation before judgment in Maryland if the DUI or DWI offense is your first one. This could allow you to avoid a criminal record provided you meet the terms of probation.

A substantial amount of research and evidence examination go into producing an effective DUI or DWI defense in Virginia and Maryland. However, the prosecution bears the burden of proving its case, and a skilled and experienced attorney has many options for an effective defense strategy.

Being charged with a crime can be an extremely stressful process and the legal concerns can be significant including, but not limited to fines, loss of driving privileges, community service, probation, and incarceration. A criminal record also may badly impact a person’s employment status, admission to college, financial aid, student status, and immigration status.

A Maryland traffic/DUI offense can carry a variety of severe penalties. Those convicted of DWI, DUI, driving on a suspended or revoked license, and certain other offenses face significant jail time in addition to large fines. Additionally, the assessment of points can affect your insurance rates and potentially result in the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license by the Motor Vehicle Administration.

In many cases, substitute penalties are allowed in some DUI/DWI, particularly those involving first-time offenders. A judge hearing your case may have some preference in deciding your punishment. However, in situations where someone has been seriously injured or killed because of your actions, there may be compulsory minimum sentences a judge must follow.

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