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Embezzlement under Virginia law can be simply defined as a wrongful taking of money or valuable property that took place while the offender was entrusted with someone else’s property. This improper taking does not need to benefit the accused; it can benefit some other person. Taking of property without the consent of the owner is illegal. This is a serious offense that carries life changing consequences.

Larceny and embezzlement are considered crimes of moral turpitude (CMT or CMIT) in Virginia and convictions for these offenses, whether it be a felony or misdemeanor, are likely to have a dramatic impact on your ability to find and maintain employment. An embezzlement charge in Virginia generally results from money or property taken in the course of employment. Money, personal property, and even computer data can be the subject of a Virginia embezzlement charge. Due to the serious nature of these offenses, active imprisonment is also possible. The value of the items alleged to have been stolen as well as your criminal record will be very significant in the nature of the charges against you.

Embezzlement cases generally involve employees who receive either money or property on behalf of their employers during the normal course of their employment, but then either steal that money or property, or use the money or property in a way that the employer had not approved. Given this very general definition, embezzlement could cover a number of different consequences.

If you have been charged with embezzlement in Virginia and are researching the law to determine the maximum penalty you could be faced with, the first thing to realize and understand is that speaking to a legal professional can save you a lot of time and confusion, and you can do so for free if your charge is in Northern Virginia; this is true even if you do not hire a lawyer. Some criminal defense lawyers in Virginia offer free consultations, and if so, they may be willing to explain to you the penalties you face after assessing your facts.

There are three factors that will determine whether a theft is a petit larceny or a grand larceny in Virginia.

  • Whether the property was taken directly from a person such as in a pickpocket or whether the property was taken from somewhere else?
  • What property was stolen? Most property is treated the same, except for firearms.
  • How much the stolen property is worth?

A conviction for any criminal offense can negatively impact your career, reputation, and even relationships. A criminal record reflects negatively on an individual when he or she applies for employment, and even housing or student loans in some cases. You may feel that you are capable of representing your own rights, or that you cannot afford an attorney. The fact is you must have an aggressive larceny lawyer on your side in order to avoid the harsh penalties and negative impact of a conviction.

If you need the help of an embezzlement lawyer in Virginia in Fairfax, City of Fairfax, Prince William (Manassas), Fauquier (Warrenton), Loudoun (Leesburg), Caroline, Stafford, Spotsylvania (Fredericksburg), Chesterfield, Henrico, Arlington, Richmond, Alexandria, Warren (Front Royal), Clarke, Shenandoah, King George, Charles City, Frederick (Winchester), Fredericksburg, Gloucester, Hanover, Hopewell, James City, King & Queen, King William, New Kent, Newport News, Petersburg, Prince George, Rappahannock, York, call our law firm immediately for help and speak to a lawyer about your options.

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