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The penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) depends on several factors. However, according to DUI law firms in Maryland, the two most critical factors determining the results are:

  1. whether it was a first-time offense; and
  2. whether there was an injury.

The punishment for DUI can include extravagant fines, jail time, license suspension, and probation. When it comes to imprisonment as the result of a DUI conviction, the duration can range from zero days to one year. However, jail time can increase severely with repetition of DUI offense. Individuals who are charged with drunk driving conviction could also lose their license thus driving privileges.

First-Time Offense

In case of a first-time offense, the offender is typically arrested and will probably not serve any imprisonment provided there was no tinge of injuries as well as the defendant had optimally cooperated with police. However, the ultimate outcome most often depends on the jurisdiction where a specific case is under process and the judge making the decision. Reputable law firms in Maryland say that the state jurisdictions often tend to be more stringent on traffic offenses, especially drunk driving. Additionally, the results also depend on the particular legal prosecutor assigned in your specific case, and judges often listen or at least consider the recommendation of the Attorney of the State. First-time DWI offenders can receive a maximum of sixty days in jail. However, the maximum punishment can significantly increase when the defendant repeats the offense.

Multiple Convictions

Those who are accused of multiple DUI convictions can be formally charged as subsequent offenders. Additionally, the maximum punishment can also increase. Law firms in Maryland want you to know that a two-time offender of DUI can be sentenced to a maximum of two years and whosoever getting the conviction of their third DUI offense can face up to three years of imprisonment.

Probation Sentence

When a defendant has not been sentenced to imprisonment, the court can still punish the accused individual with any form of a probation sentence. Here you must know that the probation for a drunk driving individual can widely range from one day to 3 years. This may further also include community service and mandatory alcohol classes. Probation can also come with monetary penalties of up to $50 monthly. Prestigious law firms in Maryland say that violations of probation sentenced are very common, particularly in DUI cases. In fact, even a first time offender may serve a jail time when the accused person fails to serve probation. Some of the very common reasons why a defendant violates probation include:

  1. Not attending classes
  2. Testing positive for alcohol or drugs (including marijuana) and
  3. Not paying due charges and costs of supervision.

Although all these are viewed as technical violations, this does not imply that the Maryland jurisdiction will take them lightly.

With the help of reliable law firms in Maryland and the proper paperwork, you must not worry about minor mistakes or false accusations that could jeopardize your future. A well-versed defense lawyer can effectively protect your rights and social and professional life.

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