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There are plenty of reasons why many individuals in Maryland still drive without legally valid licenses, and some are entirely reasonable. Public transportation in the state is heavily inefficient. In fact, there occurs an emergency situation occasionally where driving is explicitly an absolute necessity. However, irrespective of the justification opinion, a defendant will always have a tough time trying to communicate their way out of a citation. Additionally, judges are hardly interested in listening to the excuses of the accused individual of driving without a valid license, even when they diligently care there are certain limitations as to what a judge can determine in traffic court.  In Baltimore, judges are not allowed to abandon a citation simply on the basis that the accused driver had a considerable explanation for being behind the wheel since it is only the state’s attorney who retains all of this power.  In case you or your loved one is accused of driving without a valid license, then a well-versed lawyer in Baltimore may help you negotiate with the Maryland state for a dismissal prior to court.

Section 16-101

Under section 16-101 of Maryland transportation law, every driver must be legally licensed and the punishment for a traffic violation could be a maximum of sixty days in jail and a monetary penalty of $500 fine for your first offense. There may also be points considered and evaluated by the MVA for a conviction that could make it even more challenging to obtain a driving license in the future. Additionally, any subsequent driving offense could significantly carry a maximum of one year of imprisonment. Thus, the stakes are potentially high. Here, a reliable lawyer in Baltimore can help you secure the best possible outcome and defend your rights in the most effective manner.

No Assumption

Do never assume that you will be considered as guilty simply because you have obtained a citation for driving without a valid license. There are a wide variety of defenses that a lawyer in Baltimore can leverage at trial. Additionally, you will always have the lawful opportunity to do the case negotiation with the state beforehand. In fact, even when you are not holding a valid license, a police officer cannot pull you over without having a probable cause. However, it is not the matter that Maryland courts take lightly. Additionally, when the officer is attempting to make some kind of probable cause after the fact, then it will eventually be exposed explicitly on the stand.

There are also several cases where police authorities note citations for an individual who is sitting in the driver’s seat and the car is parked while the law requires either attempting to driving or evidence of driving. When rightfully argued either of such issues, it could result in the lessening of your citation. Your lawyer in Baltimore will perform a comprehensive examination of all the facts related to stopping you or your parking. Such facts also include obtaining pictures of the area as well as speaking with the police and other potential witnesses before the court trial is brought.

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