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Maryland Criminal Law identifies an exceptional range of conduct considered illegal, like burglary, theft or murder. Such acts are made penalized by extravagant fines, lengthy imprisonment, and several other sanctions. Although Maryland criminal laws and sanctions are largely similar to that of other states, the Old Line State is distinctive and unique in several ways, likes its severe punishment for drug offenses. Maryland criminal code covers a wide variety of the state criminal laws that include prohibiting kidnapping, extortion, child abuse, and illicit drugs.


An assault offense in Maryland State can be charged to the convicted in two different ways.

  • First-degree assault – CR § 3-202

First-degree assault is the more serious of the two assault charges. One can be convicted of first-degree assault when it is formally alleged that the intent of the individual was to cause significant physical injury or the allegations involved a firearm. When you are convicted of a first-degree assault, then twenty-five years in jail is maximum sentence.

  • Second-degree assault CR § 3-203

Although second-degree assault is a misdemeanor charge, it carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in jail. Any individual alleged of unwanted physical contact, or assault that does not necessarily cause potential injury or death-risk will typically be charged with second-degree assault.


CR § 3-601 of Maryland Criminal Law defines child abuse as any kind of physical injury caused to a child or minor due to a cruel, malicious, or inhumane treatment. In Maryland, child abuse offenses are considered as very dangerous and as such cause the possibility of lengthy prison terms subsequent to a conviction. In fact, even the mere allegation or legal inquiry of alleged child abuse crime can result in lasting damages to a defendant’s personal as well as professional reputation and life. Child abuse charges in the Maryland State are split down into degrees, with first-degree child abuse offenses seen as the most serious ones. Punishment for first and second-degree child abuse act can significantly exceed over twenty years in prison.

DUI AND DWI – Section 21-902 of the Maryland Transportation Code

Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while influenced (DWI) is one of the most common criminal offenses that an individual is charged in the Maryland State, and the punishments related to a conviction intensify exponentially with any of such subsequent violations. According to Maryland Criminal Law, you can be convicted of a DUI/DWI when you are caught while driving your vehicle on a public property with your blood alcohol content at or more than .08%.

DRUG – § 5-602 through 5-606

The punishments you suffer as the result of a drug arrest vary widely depending on certain factors, including the type and amount of drug the alleged individual is in possession of and their prior criminal history. In case you are charged with possession of an illegal drug, then you could be eventually convicted of a felony thus suffer from a significant prison sentence of a maximum of twenty years. You must know that the second conviction of such crime would come with a term of no less than ten years incarceration.

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