Reckless Endangerment Fairfax Virginia 18.2-371.1

Reckless endangerment generally refers to acting in a way that creates a substantial risk of serious physical injury to a person. Many people are confused by their Virginia reckless driving ticket. You may not be sure what exactly you are charged with. Reckless driving tickets present unique problems for drivers since they are technically jailable offenses, for which the judge could suspend your license.

A charge of reckless endangerment can result in the loss of their job, their marriage, their security clearance, and for some, even their immigration status.

Do not risk going to court alone if you have been charged with a crime of reckless endangerment.

Are you disturbed about the consequences of being charged with reckless endangerment? Contact our law firm for help. We will do our best to help you get the best result possible based on the facts of your case. We have the necessary experience to assist you with this matter.

Virginia code 18.2-371.1 – Causing or encouraging acts rendering children abused, delinquent; penalty; abandoned infant.

There are different types of abuse in Virginia, child abuse and abuse of an incapacitated adult.

Under Virginia law, an individual is guilty of child abuse if the individual is a parent, guardian or person who is responsible for the child’s care who by means of intentional acts or failure to act or refusal to provide care necessary for the child’s health, causes or allows serious injury to the child’s life and/or health.

Serious injury includes:

  • Maiming,
  • Disfigurement,
  • Severe burn or laceration,
  • Life-threatening internal injuries.
  • Mutilation,
  • Fracture,
  • Forced ingestion of dangerous substances or
  • Any other injury that a judge believes is severe.

There are three common ways people violate this law:

  • A child is seriously injured by the Defendant’s actions.
  • A child is seriously injured/killed because the Defendant neglected the child.
  • The Defendant’s care for a child so irresponsible that is demonstrates a reckless disregard for human life.

Exceptions include for parents who abandon the babies at a hospital or emergency room that is currently open and staffed with EMS personnel and the baby is less than 15 days old, and for parents who withhold medical treatment based only on religious grounds.

This crime is a felony and comes with up to 5 years in prison and it stays on your criminal record forever and cannot be removed unless the charges are dismissed or terminated.

Above and beyond the court ordered sentences for a lot of our clients, a felony child neglect charge can result in their security clearance, loss of their job or even their immigration status.

Don’t risk going to court alone if you have been charged with felony child neglect in Virginia.

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