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The state follows an “absolute” law when it comes to speed limits, which means that it must not drive even a little over the prescribed speed limits in all areas. In Virginia, there are different speed limits for different sections:

School zone: 15 mph.

Commercial or residential areas: 25 mph.

Open-field highways: 55 mph.

In Virginia, traffic tickets are mostly issued to the drivers for something called a “strict liability” offense. In such cases, a person may be convicted by law with proof that he/she was guilty of committing the act, regardless of any criminal intent. Speeding is considered one of those offenses, in addition to not using a signal, leaving the car parked when the meter payment has expired, parking in a disabled area, and so on.

Sanctions for speeding in Virginia

Patrol cars in Virginia usually use cameras, radars, and speed traps to identify drivers who exceed the speed limit. If you are being arrested, you are likely to pay a fine along with different other penalties involved. The amount is different as per court and the city where you drove. The penalty cost will be specified on the ticket which was being delivered to you.

If you are an offender for the first time, you may face fines of up to $ 100 and the possibility of suspending your driver’s license, which could be up to one year. You will also get negative points on your license.

The Traffic Point system in Virginia

Virginia is a state that follows a system of points for a traffic violation, in which negative points are added in the driving record of an individual for every other breach of traffic rule. So these negative points are added to the complexity and severity of the offense. Also, the DMV issues a warning letter so that individual follows the traffic rules. The license will be suspended if you cross a total of 20 points these points drop to the minimum of 11, which happens mainly with the passage of time.

Here is the duration of your suspension in Virginia according to the number of points accumulated:

  • Points 12-13: 30 days
  • Points 14-15: days 45
  • Points 16-17: days 60
  • Points 18-19: 90 days

Options you have after receiving a speeding ticket in Virginia

Receiving a traffic appointment is not something that should be taken lightly, as there are often severe consequences. In Virginia, not all appointments require you to appear in court. So, you have two options when you are given a traffic appointment:

Admit your fault and pay the necessary fine directly. The provided appointment for the breach of traffic rule has the amount and date on which you can pay the fine. You can pay by mail, online, by phone or in person. If a city police officer gave you the ticket, you need to contact the city court. If an agent or state police officer gave you a card, you should contact the magistrate’s court for details about your fine. This option may seem easy, but it means that you are admitting that you committed this offense and are opening up to the sanctions involved; This is the same as being found guilty by the court.

You must discuss and declare yourself “not guilty” by appearing in court in person on the scheduled date. If you cannot negotiate and reach an agreement with the prosecutor, you will be scheduled for a trial in which you can challenge your fine for speeding before a jury, a judge or both.

If you have considered the second option, then you need to remember that the traffic lawyer of Virginia will defend you. These attorneys are well versed in the state’s traffic laws and past incidents and can show you the right path.

The implications of being convicted of speeding in Virginia

If you plead guilty to paying the fine or have been sentenced by the court for speeding in Virginia, there are inevitable consequences that you will have to deal with. Such drivers or motor riders can face the following implications:

The accumulation of negative points in your driving record, can lead to suspension or even revocation of your driver’s license. This also influences your car insurance, since your premiums may increase. If you are a commercial driver, it can even affect your income and hurt your promotion prospects.

Traffic violations, such as speeding in Virginia, are automatically reported to the Virginia Driver’s License Division, which in turn provides information about their convictions to other states; can hinder your driving record throughout the country.

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