Virginia Brain Injury Attorney

Automobile collisions, whether minor or major, can lead to damages leading to partial or total disablement. In extreme cases, it can lead to brain damage leaving the victim bedridden for life. The expenses incurred could be enormous and often cannot be met by the family members of the victim. If the damage has occurred due to the negligence of another person, the best way to recover damages is with the help of a skilled and experienced Virginia brain injury attorney. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. is the right partner to get you out of the situation.

The outcome of a lawsuit varies depending on the losses incurred. On several occasions, people undergo traumatic head wounds as a result of an accident. The victim suffers direct effects while the family experiences the collateral brunt of the accident. A Virginia brain injury attorney can help the victims in acquiring rightful compensation for the damages sustained; so contact us at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C!

Types of brain injury

The intracranial is the central part of our nervous system. A large portion of the bodily functions is controlled by the nervous system. Minor damage to the intracranial can affect the voluntary movements and functioning of the human body. A Virginia brain injury attorney understands the seriousness of the situation and how it can bring about life-changing consequences. An unattended minor intracranial trauma can result in severe medical complications over a period of time. Therefore, a Virginia brain injury attorney instructs the victim to avail instant medical care, regardless of the wounds being major or minor.

A head wound can be of different types. A Virginia brain injury attorney meets with a large number of clients with similar accidents and would be able to take you towards the best compensation. A brain injury can be categorized into the following kinds:



A concussion is a condition that is caused in the intracranial due to a fierce blow on the head. A Virginia brain injury attorney is familiar with the consequences of a concussion. A concussion leads to loss of consciousness, blurry eyesight, giddiness, headache, frequent sickness, etc. A Virginia brain injury attorney is cognizant of the consequences that arise due to an improperly treated minor concussion. A mild concussion can bring in multiple damages to the head, when not treated appropriately and immediately.


Severe accidents can lead to internal bleeding within the skull. The bleeding results in a clot in the head. The accumulated blood blocks one or more blood vessels that run within the head, which causes high blood pressure and grave intracranial damage. A Virginia brain injury attorney is familiar with the symptoms of hematoma. Some of the immediate symptoms include headache, blood blockage, loss of consciousness, etc. A hematoma requires attentive medical care that would cost several hundred dollars. Thus, a Virginia brain injury attorney claims increased financial compensations for the victims, who suffer from hematoma.


Edema is a swelling that occurs due to excessive collection of blood. Edema majorly develops at the location of the head damage. A Virginia brain injury attorney would have observed clients, who suffered from edema that eventually led to the improper functioning of skulls. In these cases, the skull fails to expand, as a result of which no room is found available for the swelling that has occurred within the head. This increases the pressure inside the head. Some symptoms of edema include neck pain, giddiness, headache, etc. A Virginia brain injury attorney would have also observed clients with loss of memory due to edema.


A hemorrhage occurs as a result of uncontrolled or excessive bleeding within the head. A hemorrhage can lead to permanent intracranial damage in extreme cases. Therefore, a Virginia brain injury attorney emphasizes the necessity of immediate medical attention for all people, who sustain hemorrhage. Several symptoms of hemorrhage include frequent vomiting, unbearable headaches, loss of consciousness, etc.

Diffuse axonal wounds

In several automobile collisions, the placement inside the head is entirely shifted or disturbed. This induces a rapid deceleration or acceleration within the head. This abnormal rate of change further results in damages to the tissues of the central nervous system. A Virginia brain injury attorney is acquainted with the seriousness of these damages. Diffuse axonal damage can lead to prolonged unconsciousness or coma. A Virginia brain injury attorney is aware of the rarity concerning the complete restoration of consciousness for a patient, who is in a coma. Even the victims, who fortunately regain consciousness, are considerably or permanently impaired. A Virginia brain injury attorney seeks high compensations for the victims, who sustain irreversible impairments due to these damages.

Skull fracture

Fractures result due to heavy blows that are created using strong objects. These blows result in cracks on the skulls. A skull fracture can bring in increased impacts on the functioning of the central nervous system. The Virginia brain injury attorney at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C., demands rightful prosecution of the offender, considering the severity of the damages incurred by the victim.

How significant is a Virginia brain injury attorney?

Head wounds are not the same as minor wounds or limb fractures. In a head wound, the most important organ of the central nervous system is affected. This leads to setbacks and impacts on the functioning of the entire human body. Several insurance companies issue unreasonable compensations by taking advantage of the physical incapability of the impaired victim. Thus, a Virginia brain injury attorney would have observed a large number of similar lawsuits that brought in unjust settlements for the victims, who incurred physical impairments as a result of accidents. Therefore, it is important to acquire the company of an efficient Virginia brain injury attorney during these circumstances. A Virginia brain injury attorney submits appropriate medical records to establish the seriousness of the damages suffered by the wounded plaintiff.

The injured victims will not be physically available to execute the legal procedures of the claims while they are hospitalized for medical care. A Virginia brain injury attorney proves useful in these circumstances. The hospitalized victim can be represented by a Virginia brain injury attorney, who fulfills all legal procedures on behalf of the former. On the other hand, the at-fault driver should be lawfully punished to ensure justice for the pain suffered by the victims. A Virginia brain injury attorney provides effective legal aid in penalizing the defendants, who induced the reported accidents.

The injured victims should also be compensated emotionally since they are prone to suffer mental stresses as a result of the sustained accident and hospitalization. A Virginia brain injury attorney renders moral support for the victims. This moral support helps in the emotional betterment of the injured plaintiff. Thus, a Virginia brain injury attorney is not just a legal advisor but also an empathetic companion. So, do not hesitate and call us at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C., right away!

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