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There are two types of divorces in Virginia and Maryland, absolute divorce and limited divorce. An absolute divorce is the conclusion of a marriage based on misbehavior during the marriage or other statutory factors arising during the marriage. The outcome of an absolute divorce is that both parties resume single status. A limited divorce is commonly referred to as a dissolution of marriage from bed and board; the right of living together is terminated, but the marriage is undissolved and the status of the parties is not altered.

A divorce from bed and board may be decreed for cruelty, reasonable apprehension of bodily hurt, willful desertion, or abandonment. In granting a divorce from bed and board, the court may decree that the parties be perpetually separated and protected in their persons and property.

One have to do some research before hiring a Maryland or Virginia divorce lawyer. Your first step should be talking to friends and family for personal references. This is a good way to find out not only the names of good divorce lawyers, but also names of those you want to stay away from.

No fault dissolution of marriages are often called as uncontested dissolution of marriages. Usually, this means that the divorcing parties do not object to the end of the marriage. An uncontested dissolution of marriage is fairly common in Virginia & Maryland.

The following are the most common questions arising from dissolution of marriages in Virginia & Maryland:

  1. If there are children, whom are the children going to live with while the dissolution of marriage is pending and after the dissolution of marriage?
  2. Who is going to pay child support for the children and possibly alimony for one of the parties?
  3. Where are the parties going to reside while the dissolution of marriage is pending?
  4. How is the marital property that the parties have accumulated during the marriage going to be split?

Generally speaking, unless one parent has a significant drug addiction, mental disease, major physical problem or is otherwise estranged or incarcerated, then most judges generally grant joint legal custody to both parents that are deemed to be fit and proper to raise a child.

When parties to a Maryland or Virginia divorce have children, they must work out a parenting plan outlining who has custody or visitation of the children and when. If the parents cannot agree to a custody arrangement, then either parent may petition the court for custody. Parents must petition the court, which is overseeing their divorce or if they are unmarried, the family or juvenile court in the county and state where the children reside.

Custody agreements that have been legally approved can be enforced under state laws. Violations of such legally approved agreements can result in serious penalties such as a contempt of court order or the loss of visitation or custody privileges. If breaking the agreement results in harm to a child, it can have criminal concerns for the violator.

When hiring a child advocate lawyer in Virginia or Maryland, look into the amount of time and type of experience the attorney has in practicing child welfare law as well as his or her assessment of the case. These facts form a basis for the client to determine if the lawyer is trustworthy.

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