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No fault divorce happens when one party is no more wishes to stay married with the other party. They do not have to show any specific reason why they want to divorce, but theymerely have to declare that they want to dissolve the marriage due to various differences.

Earlier, couples had to have a specific reason for divorce, such as adultery, abuse or abandonment, in which one of the parties caused the marriage to fail because they refused to comply with what one wanted to be in the life after marriage.

The party who is found as guilty will usually lose the part from the property and if the party who was staying at home to care for the children then it would lose the possibility of receiving the alimony or the spousal maintenance.

There was a revolution to allow in Virginia with no-fault divorce cases that did not examine the couple’s behavior, and instead, they considered what was fair for people who behaved in the relationship outside of the way. This is much more determinant and logical that has helped to alleviate some of the problems by creating improvement for a party that was at fault. Many cases have been solved, with some of the issues of allowing children to grow up knowing both biological parents and having the two biological parents participate in their lives.

Pros and Cons of No-Fault Divorce in Virginia

The divorce without guilt leaves the parties without being able to stop the divorce. There is no call for parties to go to marriage counseling or to attempt reconciliation. If an individual does not want to remain in the relationship, then it does not matter whatever he/she thinks or perceive. The court has to permit an individual to take divorce. This leads to an easy way of allowing separation that may, unfortunately, can be disastrous for children.

Potential Benefits

No fault divorce in Virginia means that the parties that are involved do not begin the process with the mutually. No-fault divorce is described as the parties involved do not start the process with mutual allegations. Historically, people could cause the other spouse to fail in divorce so they could have reasons for it. They could hire a private investigator to initiate a false adventure or even organize affairs if everyone wanted a divorce, but they could not carry it out according to the laws of the state. Couples do not start with those severe accusations now, and that eases the way for people to work together in the search for some transitional arrangement so that healing can begin sooner.

Working with a Qualified Family Lawyer

If an individual is having an affair, it doesn’t mean that the individual will lose his or her home, all their income, and their children. He still has property rights and rights to the equitable distribution of property, and he still has the right to see his children as much as possible. This is the only type of divorce available in Virginia.

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