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Aggressive driving in Virginia and Maryland refers to the expression of aggression in any form by a driver. An alternate term for aggressive driving is road rage. In its extreme form, aggressive driving results when the vehicle being driven is used as a weapon or when there is a physical assault of another driver. If this occurs, then it is no longer road rage. The driver goes from being charged with a serious traffic violation to being charged with a very serious violent crime.

According to local police, aggressive driving is defined as driving without regard for the rights or safety of the other people on the road.

Virginia and Maryland have now enacted laws to combat road rage. The legislature calls it as one of the following: Reckless, improper, or careless driving. The Virginia and Maryland reckless driving defense attorneys in our firm are routinely called upon to defend clients who are charged with reckless driving offenses. The reason why most of our clients hire us is because a conviction for reckless, improper or careless driving can result in loss of their license and liberty, enhanced fines, and points on their driving record or all of the above in Virginia and Maryland. This, in turn, may cause their insurance rates to go up or the insurance company to drop them completely.

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The general compromise of law enforcement in urban and suburban localities is that reckless driving is increasing. One study that took a survey of some of the safety threats on the roads determined reckless driving to be a major one.Another study determined that people, who were most likely to engage in reckless driving were males between the age of 18 and 26, who were not highly educated and had criminal records, a history of violence, drug or alcohol problems. However, other studies have determined that many of those convicted of reckless driving were men and women who were successful with no history of violence, drug or alcohol abuse. Additionally, a number of people who were convicted of reckless driving were between 30 and 55 and some were as old as 75. A series of bad driving incidents can cause a person to engage in reckless driving.

You could be charged with reckless driving in Virginia or Maryland if you do any of the following:

  • Flashed lights at another motorist because you were annoyed with them
  • Made reckless or rude gestures
  • Engaged in yelling, screaming or verbal abuse towards another motorist.
  • Recklessly chased another motorist
  • Deliberately obstructed or prevented another from moving their vehicle
  • Used verbal abuse
  • Committed physical assault

Most of the reckless driving violations occur during daytime on a major road.

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