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If you have been charged with a DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol) or a DWI (driving while impaired) in Baltimore, you must know that judges in the region often consider extravagant fines and jail sentences as a penalty for such crimes. Consequently, it is essential to consult a reliable Baltimore DUI lawyer right away to initiate planning your defense timely. A well-versed defense attorney who holds extensive experience of practicing in the local court system can assist you to understand your legal options as well as take appropriate steps to reduce the possible penalty or damage as the result of DUI convictions and charges.

Why You Need a DUI Lawyer

Even from the moment, a traffic police officer stops you, you will have to confront a number of critical decisions, each of that having immense potential to impact your rights as well as your legal protection. All such decisions require deep legal insight and have not to be taken alone or lightly. DUI offenses are most often prosecuted aggressively in Baltimore, Maryland, and the consequences of even a small conviction for a first-time offense can be jail time along with having a continuing negative impact on the social and professional life of the accused individual. However, with the support of an experienced Baltimore DUI lawyer, you can be optimally confident that there is someone dedicated to best support your interests at heart.

Punishments and Penalties

Both a DUI and a DWI are criminal charges and carry significant fines, imprisonment, suspension of driving privileges, probation, and several other penalties restricting your freedom and affecting your finances and everyday life. Additionally, a conviction for DUI in Baltimore accompanies a criminal record which can render a negative impact on your capability to find a new job or keep up with current employment as well as can also cause a considerable amount of embarrassment and social stigma. Even a single first-time DUI conviction may result in severe life-altering penalties. A Baltimore DUI lawyer can help you learn more about DUI penalties, such as ignition interlock devices, first and second offense, and how a DUI conviction or charge could affect your insurance coverage, immigration status or security clearance.

Administrative and Legal Consequences

Typically, a DUI conviction caters both administrative and legal implications. In fact, the city Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) can suspend your driver’s license almost instantly after a DUI arrest in Baltimore, even before you are found guilty of a crime or brought before a judge. When you fail to request a hearing with the MVA right within 10 days of your arrest, then your license suspension will remain in effect until your trial.

Injuries or Death

DUI cases that involve serious physical injuries or death of a person may eventually become felony cases in the Circuit Court. In such cases, it is even more critical to have a well-versed trial Baltimore DUI lawyer with extensive expertise in the science behind digging out DUI evidence. And in this matter, even a slight delay can gravely affect your case.

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