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The reality is that a divorce is the only way, within the law, to escape from an unhappy marriage. It is very difficult for one or both people to accept the end of a marriage. Finishing a marriage is not easy. Since everything has already been tried and one or both people realize that they would be better alone or with other people, it is best to start the divorce process.

Divorce petitions in Virginia must be filed with the Court. (Code of Virginia, Title 20 Domestic Relations, Chapter 6, Affirmation and Annulment of Divorce, Section 96) An application for divorce may be filed if either party has lived in Virginia, in good faith, at least 6 months before to request a divorce. (Code of Virginia, Title 20, Chapter 6 Domestic Relations Affirmation and Annulment of Divorce Section 97). 

Grounds for divorce

  • If the spouses lived separately from each other for a year continuously, at the same time, the permanent separation was originally intended by one of the parties
  • If, during the marital life, one of the spouses committed disloyalty.
  • If one of the spouses has been involved in a criminal offense and has been in prison for more than one year and, accordingly, has not lived in the family since the commencement of imprisonment.
  • If one of the spouses was excessively cruel, and this caused a reasonable fear of the other before the risk of possible bodily harm; or left (abandoned) his wife (s), a victim of this relationship can get a divorce automatically, in a year.

To obtain an official divorce in Virginia, at least one of the divorcing spouses must reside in the state as a legal resident, at least six months before filing for divorce. 


If both sides agree to the divorce and can happily resolve their dispositions of property and custody of the children and sign all the necessary documents then we can proceed with a divorce by mutual agreement. As long as there was a separation of the amount of time required (six months, when the parties have no children under age and 12 months, when the parties have children under age). A client can also obtain a divorce by agreement if their partner is unknown and they also do not respond to our services by publication.

  • If a mutually agreed divorce is no longer possible, the customer will be billed a fee of $ 250 per hour, and the previously collected rates will be used as a prepayment deposit.
  • If you need to change your last name as part of the divorce procedure, please add $ 41 for the administrative expense of the court

 What conditions must be met to file for a divorce in Virginia?

  • If there are no children of the marriage, they must be separated for a minimum of six months and have a written property agreement before they can file for divorce.
  • If there are children of the marriage, you must separate a minimum of one year before you can file for divorce.

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