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A child custody and visitation order is never final and is always subject to revision or modification by a court to meet the best interests of the children. The law does not favor either the mother or father. Instead, the court is required to consider very specific factors and then to balance those factors when determining the children’s best interests. While grandparents and others may seek custody, there is an assumption in favor of the natural parents.

If you are seeking child custody or at least visitation, then you need to know some of the factors that can harm your child custody case. There are several influences for your child custody and visitation rights. If you are going through a child custody battle, then you need to hire an attorney who has the necessary knowledge to help you achieve success.

The first factor that can affect your visitation and child custody rights is your living situation. A stable living situation means you are able to provide for the child, there is a safe environment, and there is moral support, love, and guidance in the home. The child will have a positive emotional and social development when a stable living situation is proven.

Ideally, an established child-focused approach on the part of both parents when considering visitation norms will produce a practical visitation arrangement that serves the interests of all family members.

The court should consider any special physical needs of the children involved and the ability of each parent to address those special needs. The court will often require a custody evaluation be done by one of the Custody Evaluators employed by the court. Those are social workers with skill in child development and families. They meet with the parents, the children, and other people who know the family’s situation and then make a recommendation to the court as to an appropriate custody procedure. The court should also evaluate any special psychological needs and the ability of each parent to address them. If they are unable to decide on who has custody, then it will be handed over to a judge to make the decision for them. When determining child custody and visitation rights in the state of Maryland, you need to know that there are certain factors that courts take into consideration.

When making a child access judgment, Maryland courts consider several factors including the physical and mental condition of the parents, current family relationships, and the preference of the child, if the child is mature enough. If a spouse or significant other is disagreeing your rights to see your child, if your circumstances have changed and current arrangements are no longer working, or if you feel like you are not getting enough time with your child, it may be time to take legal action and get your visitation rights enforced by a judge.

In Maryland, legal custody carries with it the right and responsibility to make long-term decisions involving religious training, discipline, education, medical care, and other matters of major significance concerning the child’s life and welfare. Joint legal custody means both parents have an equal voice in making those choices, and neither parent’s rights are superior to the other.

Physical custody in Maryland means the right and responsibility to provide a home for the child and to make the day-to-day decisions required during the time the child is actually with the parent having such custody.

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