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Images and videos articulated to develop sexual interest among children are characterized as child pornography. Cheaper availability of internet and access to the different sites with pornographic content in the Prince William County (Manassas) gives rise to several cases of misbehaving with minors. The Prince William County Virginia child pornography lawyer assists the help-seeking parties to understand the legality of the forensic evidence. The videos and images articulated are often investigated to understand the psychiatry of the offender, his underlying motivations, the reasons for deviance, and sexual interests. The cases of child pornography are also strongly linked with the cases of online solicitation of children and adolescents.

Prince William County Child Pornography Lawyer
Prince William County Child Pornography Lawyer

The Prince William County Virginia child pornography lawyer functions to assess the motivation for using such material. The cases mostly involve self-taken images that the youth take as part of the offending process. It is investigated whether it is done through the temptation of being in a love-based relationship or through duress. Convictions for child pornography destroy the personal and professional lives of perpetrators. Such changes become more visible when the case involves production, possession, and distribution of the child pornography material.The Prince William County Virginia child pornography lawyer believes in reaching the possible extent to clear the charges against you based on the case characteristics.

The charges for child pornography is different in Prince William County (Manassas) depending upon the nature of the crime. If a person is convicted of possession of child pornography, then this will be charged as the class 6 felony which involves either a prison sentence of up to five years and/or a fine of $2,500. The class 5 felony includes cases of severe nature with a charge of prison sentence from one to ten years and a fine of up to $2,500. The charge for production of child pornography leads to a minimum sentence of five years and up to forty years. Such a charge not only involves the production of pornographic images but also the charge of soliciting and enticing the minor for producing pornographic images. Assistance from a Prince William County Virginia child pornography lawyer may not only help you gain legal counseling, but also the strongest possible defense given the circumstances of your case. The penalties charged for the felony heavily depend upon the age of the minors involved in the case and the earlier record of convictions of the perpetrator. Distribution of child pornography has been characterized as the class 3 felony in Prince William County (Manassas) and involves a fine of up to $100,000 with a prison sentence of five to twenty years. Distribution of child pornography not merely involves the selling of such material, but also the efforts one makes to make it available for the others.

The Prince William County Virginia child pornography lawyer understands that convictions for child pornography often leads to the offender status for the lifetime. Therefore, they do everything in their power to beat the charges against you. A dismissal is mainly favorable in such cases which are based on bringing claims regarding the true age of minors. Through hiring the professional team of lawyers in the Prince William County, you will be able to resourcefully investigate the case given with the best possible options for developing the defense.

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