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What are your options after receiving a traffic ticket (for violation). When you receive a traffic ticket, you must act before the expiration date indicated on your “Notice of Appearance.” All courts must send a reminder by mail explaining what their options are. You still have the responsibility to act before the date indicated on your “Notice of Appearance.” If you do not appear in the court, then your driver’s license may be suspended, and the court may accuse you of having committed a misdemeanor or infraction and issue an arrest warrant. Your failure to appear may also result in other fines or fees.

In general, when you receive a traffic ticket, you can:

Plead guilty and pay the traffic ticket. You can pay the fine if you plead guilty. This payment is also called “bond.” Send your payment to the court along with a copy of the fine or reminder. If your fine is for a correctable offense, such as expired registration, do not forget to include your correction proof. If it is not rectified, you must appear before the court to determine the appropriate amount of the fine.

When the court receives your payment, your case will be closed. If you do not receive a courtesy notice, you can contact the court to find out the amount of your fine. All courts have websites with information about traffic fines and how to pay them. Some courts allow online payment.

Once you have paid it, your fine will appear as a conviction on your DMV file. They will add points to your driving record, and your insurance company may ask you to pay more for your insurance or maybe cancel your policy and notify you that you will have to get insurance with another company. Points may be in your background for three to seven years. If you can not pay the full amount of the fine due to financial problems, when you appear in court you can ask the court to consider your ability to pay and reduce the amount ordered due to the conviction, or you can ask to be left Do community service or allow you to pay in installments.

You will have to pay and go to traffic school as long as you are instructed to go. The court can tell you what you need to do to go to traffic school. If this is your first fine and the court allows you to go to traffic school, you will not add points to your background. Read the section on Traffic School for more information. If you cannot pay the full amount of the fine due to financial problems, you can appear in court and ask that you keep in mind that you cannot pay and reduce the fee to go to the traffic school.

Submit proof of correction, if your traffic ticket is for a “correctable fine,” or something you can fix, such as a broken component.

Appear before the court. You can appear before the court on the date indicated on the fine, or contact the court before the date indicated on the fine and request any of the following: (1) You can request a hearing to read a charge to make a statement, which can be: (a) telling the court that you want to plead guilty, find out what the fine is and negotiate how you will pay it or ask the court to consider your ability to pay and consider the possibility of a reduction, approve a community service or payment plan; or (b) can declare “not guilty” or “without dispute” and request a trial date; (2) You can also ask the court to decide your case in a trial by written declaration, for which you will have to deposit the full amount of the bond.

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