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Reckless driving is a criminal charge in Caroline County, Virginia. The Virginia traffic laws are aggressively imposed in Caroline County, Virginia by Virginia State Troopers and Caroline County Deputy Sheriffs. The Code of Virginia sorts over 3,000 offenses as violations, some of which are felony and misdemeanor offenses. A reckless driving ticket in Caroline County can result from speeding, racing, weaving in and out of traffic, and aggressive driving. Many people do not realize that a criminal conviction for reckless driving in Caroline County is much more than a simple traffic ticket. A conviction for reckless driving in Caroline Countycan lead to loss of license, jail time, and a criminal record, thus causing clients to lose many employment openings.
Caroline VA Reckless Driving

Charges of reckless driving or failure to maintain control resulting in an accident are crimes. We are ready to find the most effective legal defense available to you, so that we can help you avoid a criminal sentence, loss of your driving freedoms, increased insurance premiums, and the addition of excessive demerit points. In Virginia, the mere occurrence of an accident does not mean the driver is guilty of reckless driving.

In Caroline County, Virginia, you can be charged for reckless driving for various charges including speeding, driving too fast for environments, failing to signal, failing to control a vehicle, illegally passing, failing to give way to an emergency vehicle, endangering the lives and property of others, and causing an accident, among others. In Virginia, speeding is the most common reckless driving charge.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is taken very seriously by the Caroline County Courts. The DUI law can be very complex and the significances of a conviction can be extremely severe and life changing such as mandatory minimum jail sentences, loss of driving privileges, and rigorous treatment programs.

Recklessness indicates the doing of a negligent act knowingly. When a man actually acts negligently and he realizes that he is acting negligently, the law says he is reckless or willful and wanton, whichever term you prefer, they all mean the same thing, that is the mindful failure to exercise due care.

Speeding tickets in Caroline County issued by the Virginia State Troopers and Caroline Deputy Sheriffs usually calculate your speed accurately and can frequently prove their case at trial. Therefore, we often find it in the best interests of our clients to use proven procedures to achieve our clients the best possible result; however, that is not always possible due to either accusations of extremely high speeds, cases involving poor driving records or other various incidents that may block such a resolution. In those conditions, you will need a skilled Caroline VA Speeding Ticket attorney to fight your speeding ticket and challenge the evidence against you. We have a clear understanding of Virginia speeding laws, traffic court procedures, technical and procedural defenses, and law enforcement methods of detecting speed.

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