Sexual Battery VA Aggravated Sexual Battery 18.2-67.3 Attorney

Sexual battery in Virginia or criminal sexual contact is sexual contact or touching that does not involve intercourse or sexual penetration, but is still a criminal offense. The word “sexual battery” refers to criminal sexual touching in some states, but to the more serious offense of rape or criminal sexual penetration in other states.

Many states also criminalize sexual contact between a person in authority such as a teacher, police officer or prison guard; and someone over whom that person has authority, like a student, a prisoner or a person in police custody. The rationale for criminalizing this behavior is that capacity to consent is diminished by the authority, the teacher, or other authority figure has over the student or other person.

Rape and sexual battery in Virginia are felonies, and the applicable fines and prison term depend on the situations of the crime. Simply using the threat of force without touching the victim or employing intimidation or trickery may result in the accused being only charged with simple sexual battery.

Being charged with a serious crime, such as aggravated sexual battery in Virginia, does not mean you will be found guilty, but it is important to work with a criminal defense attorney who will deliver proactive counsel. Sex-related crimes carry a large social stigma and you want to ensure you are able to mitigate the impact that an accusation has on your life. However, if any of the following are true, even without the offender touching the victim, he or she can be found guilty of aggravated sexual battery in Virginia:

  • The accused uses or threatens to use a dangerous weapon
  • The complaining witness is at least 13, but less than 15 years of age
  • The accused causes serious bodily or mental injury to the complaining witness.

In certain states, sexual conduct with a minor is only illegal if the offender is older than the victim by a defined number of years and the victim is under a certain age. For example, if a 15-year-old girl is dating an 18-year-old boy, then the two can have sexual contact with each other in certain states without the boy’s actions being deemed criminal.

Being found guilty of sexual battery in VA or aggravated sexual battery in Virginia will certainly have a lasting effect on your life because in addition to the potential fine, prison time, and supervised probation after any prison sentence, you must register as a sex offender. This means that once you are free, your name will be entered into a national registry that restricts where you may live and work, and whether you may have custody of your children. You will also be restricted in terms of where you may go in public and you will suffer the social stigma of being branded a sex offender. Therefore, if you, your family member or your friend is charged with this offense, you need the experience and tenacity of an aggravated sexual battery lawyer in Virginia to fight these charges.

A person who is charged with aggravated sexual battery in Virginia will get a punishment of 1 to 20 years in prison and/or a maximum fine of $100,000.

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