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Reckless driving is a serious offence in Gloucester, VA. It is important to seek the advice of an experienced Virginia lawyer who has a thorough understanding of the reckless driving laws in Virginia, and understands the practices and procedures of the Gloucester County, VA courts. Most traffic violations are considered minor criminal offenses; although some offenses such as driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated are taken quite seriously.

Gloucester VA Reckless Driving Lawyer

Even minor mechanical or speeding violations can have serious consequences, leading up to your license being suspended if you have several infractions over a short period of time.

A Virginia traffic lawyer can help you prevent a traffic ticket or speeding ticket offense in Virginia from seriously impacting your insurance rates and driving privileges. Convictions for “petty” violations, for example a Virginia speeding ticket, illegal lane change, failure to yield or following too closely, are moving violations. These Virginia traffic tickets are punishable by fine only, but can have unpredicted implications to those who are not aware of the Virginia Division of Motor Vehicle (DMV) rules.

Gloucester County, VA reckless driving, speeding, or driving on a suspended license will result in fines. It could also affect your driving record as well as increase your insurance rates. If your license is suspended, you will have to turn it over to the DMV. To get it back once your suspension is over, you need to meet any conditions imposed by the court, which could include completion of drug or alcohol treatment if your reckless driving charge was suspected to involve the use of substances.

If you are facing drunk driving charges, take action to ensure that your rights are defended. Turn to skilled legal representation that can help you secure the best possible outcome to your situation. It is possible to win reckless driving cases. Many people assume it is never possible to actually go to trial and win on these charges, but the prosecutors in Gloucester must be able to prove your guilt and sometimes they cannot. When you put on an effective defense that actually requires the prosecutors in Gloucester to prove your guilt and they cannot do it, you are found not guilty and will not have a criminal conviction on your record.

In cases of reckless driving by speed, the officer must prove that the exact device they used to measure your speed was calibrated and accurate on the day in question, and they have to prove it was calibrated within the past 6 months prior to the day they gave you the ticket. Many believe that reckless driving is merely a traffic ticket, but not so. People believe that they can represent themselves like at Traffic Court and simply tell their story and the Judge will understand, this is wrong.  Even lawyers who get stopped and charged with reckless driving get a traffic lawyer to represent them.

If you need help of a traffic ticket lawyer in Gloucester, call our law firm immediately for help and speak to a lawyer about your options.

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