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Legal status created by court order, which vests in a custodian the right to have physical custody of the child, to determine and re-determine where and with whom he/she shall live, the right and duty to protect, train and discipline him/her and to provide him/her with food, shelter, education, and ordinary medical care, all subject to any residual parental rights and responsibilities. In all states, the court will consider the child’s best interests when determining custody.

Virginia child custody laws are complicated and once custody, support, and visitation agreements are made, they can be difficult to change. That is why it is smart to work with a child custody attorney from the beginning. An attorney helps to ensure the protection of your legal rights as a parent.

If you are getting divorced and have children, part of the divorce agreement will involve determining where and with whom the children will live. A Virginia child custody lawyer can help you negotiate custody, either by agreement or in court. The custodial parent earns the legal right to make decisions regarding the child’s welfare, lifestyle, and education.

Virginia allows various types of custody such as joint legal custody, joint physical custody, and sole custody. Uniform custody is a piece of model legislation that has been adopted by nearly every state in the United State including Virginia. Essentially, the law requires state officials to recognize and help enforce child custody orders from other states. These laws were passed in order to prevent noncustodial parents from abducting their children across state lines.

Legal custody is usually awarded jointly and refers to the right of parents to make three types of decisions on behalf of the child:

  • nonemergency medical care
  • religious upbringing
  • education

Every family is different. There is no single child custody plan that works for every situation. When you are involved in a Virginia custody dispute, it is important to make sure that your attorney is focused on meeting your family’s needs.

One of the hardest decisions to make in a divorce case is determining arrangements for your children, how important decisions will be made for them in the future, and when they will spend time with each parent. Sometimes, these issues are settled through mediation or combined divorce, and other times they are aggressively fought for through divorce litigation in court. Like every family, every case is different. What is not different is that competent representation can put your mind at ease during a very stressful time.

We know your children are precious to you. The rights you enjoy as their father/mother need not disappear after a divorce or breakup. You have a right to arrange child custody and visitation, so you can keep your relationship with your children blooming. We are here to protect your rights and ensure a strong, ongoing relationship between father/mother and sons, father/mother, and daughters.

Unless both parents can agree between themselves, Virginia statutes dictate that the court must determine child custody based on the best interests of the child. To accomplish this objective, courts consider a number of factors outlined by the statutes such as the child and parents’ ages, physical and mental health, the child’s needs, the parents’ past roles in raising the child, their ability to maintain a relationship with the child along with their ability to support contact with each other. A history of domestic violence is also a factor the court considers when awarding custody.

Whether you are facing a child support obligation or seeking child support, we have you covered. Get in touch with one of our Virginia family law attorneys to discuss your child support legal rights.

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