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Our Virginia and Maryland defense lawyers are frequently asked questions regarding traffic defense. We hope that the answers you find herein answer to some of your basic traffic questions regarding traffic defense in Virginia and Maryland. After you read this, if you wish to talk to our Virginia or Maryland defense attorneys about your traffic case, feel free to contact us.

Traffic violations can be frustrating. In Maryland, the statutes can often be confusing and if you are unfamiliar with the legal process, you may find yourself outmatched in the courtroom. This can result in you receiving points on your license and large fines. Our experienced traffic attorneys in Maryland can help you support yourself with knowledge of state traffic statutes and citations.

If you are pulled over and receive a traffic ticket, you have a few options – pay the ticket and move on, fight the ticket in court by yourself or enlist the help of a traffic lawyer in Virginia or Maryland. Before you dismiss the idea of paying for legal assistance to fight a ticket, consider all your options.

A certain class of lawyer is known for chasing police cruisers and ambulances to car crash scenes, intending to represent the victims and score wins in potentially profitable personal injury cases.

In Maryland, there are many driving offenses that can cause a person to accumulate points on their license, pay heavy fines or even go to jail. Many of these offenses are the result of poor judgment or a simple mistake, yet they can have dreadful consequences.

If the police give you a ticket for violating traffic laws, often for speeding, you may require the services of a traffic ticket lawyer in Virginia or Maryland to help you through traffic court. Traffic ticket attorneys know which people to talk to at court and the kind of deals they are willing to make.

Fairfax County is one of the counties in Virginia that is participating in a traffic ticket enforcement program called HEAT. The purpose of the program is to step up traffic enforcement. Fairfax County officers will be on the targeting moving violations such as reckless driving, speeding, improper passing, disregarding traffic signs and lights, following too closely, and failing to yield the right of way.

Facing criminal charges and the consequences of conviction are overwhelming for someone with no experience in the criminal justice system. This can be especially true if the crime you are accused of committing is as difficult to understand as reckless driving.

Depending on your driver’s license type, driving history, and severity of your violation, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration may add points to your driving record. If you accumulate too many points, you could risk a driver’s license suspension or revocation. Our lawyers have wide experience with the Maryland traffic court system and the challenges faced by defendants. If you need a trusted traffic lawyer in Maryland to navigate the system and to work toward a successful resolution of your traffic case in Greenbelt, Rockville or the surrounding areas, our Maryland traffic lawyers can help.

If you need the help of a traffic lawyer in Virginia in Fairfax, City of Fairfax, Prince William, Fauquier, Loudoun, Caroline, Stafford, Spotsylvania, Chesterfield, Henrico, Arlington, Richmond, Alexandria, Warren, Clarke, Shenandoah, King George, Charles City, Frederick, Fredericksburg, Gloucester, Hanover, Hopewell, James City, King & Queen, King William, New Kent, Newport News, Petersburg, Prince George, Rappahannock, York, call our law firm immediately for help and speak to a lawyer about your options. If you need the help of a Maryland traffic lawyer in Montgomery County, Charles County (Waldorf), Rockville, Bethesda, Howard County, Baltimore County, City of Baltimore, Anne Arundel County (Annapolis), Ellicott City or Frederick, do not hesitate to call us for a consultation.

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