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Shoplifting is defined as a larceny in Virginia. The value of the merchandise will determine if your shoplifting charge is going to be charged as a petit larceny or grand larceny in Virginia. If the value of the good stolen is valued at $200 or more, then the person alleged of shoplifting is facing a grand larceny charge in Virginia. If the value of the good stolen is valued less than $200, then the person alleged of shoplifting is facing a petit larceny charge in Virginia. In order to convict a defendant of petty theft, the prosecutor must convince a jury or judge beyond a reasonable doubt.

The primary difference between grand larceny and petit larceny in Virginia is that grand larceny is considered a felony whereas petit larceny is a misdemeanor. As a general rule, the difference between the felony and misdemeanor is determined by the value of the item that has been allegedly stolen. If it is $200 or more makes it a felony, if it is less than $200, then it is a misdemeanor.

The penalty for shoplifting varies by state, but the crime is usually punishable by a fine, jail time or a combination of both. Petit larceny carries a maximum punishment of one year in jail and a potential fine of up to $2,500. The severity of the penalty is at the discretion of the judge hearing the case.

A person charged with a first offense shoplifting case in Fairfax or Northern Virginia will usually have several options for how their case will be handled. If the value of the stolen item was greater than $200, the charge will be brought as a felony grand larceny in violation of Virginia Code 18.2-95. Being charged with shoplifting in Virginia can create a personal and financial liability that extends beyond the possible jail time associated with the crime. If you or a loved one has been charged with felony shoplifting in Fairfax or any of the Northern Virginia courts, do not despair. There is hope of avoiding the most severe consequences of this mistake, but it is vital that you find the best shoplifting defense lawyer you can.

The penalties and sentences for theft can range from the minor to the severe with a number of factors coming into play. These factors even if they may appear insignificant could mean the difference between small fines, several years in prison or difficulties obtaining jobs in the future.

After a conviction for larceny, called as theft depending on the state, the trial concludes with the sentencing phase to determine penalties and conditions of the conviction. At sentencing, a number of factors come into play to determine what punishment the defendant will receive. Those factors include the sentencing range laid out in the law itself, aggravating and mitigating factors, and for larceny convictions, whether the crime amounted to grand or petit larceny.

Second misdemeanor larceny offense – VA Code Section 18.2-104 creates a punishment enhancement for a prior larceny record, mandating a 30-day minimum jail sentence as part of the penalty for a second conviction.

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