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There is no such term or concept as a minor criminal offense. In case you have been convicted of criminal charges or have received probation, then courts can bar you from certain careers as well as tag you with a criminal record for the rest of your life. A well-versed, reliable criminal defense attorney in Baltimore can evidently help you understand your arrest as well as its eventual consequences to your court. Besides this, such a dedicated, aggressive lawyer can also defend you against your federal or state felony or misdemeanor crimes or offenses.

Additionally, it is highly imperative to retain a lawyer who is effective enough to effectively defend you against your charges, like a traffic violation, internet scams, sex offense, or assault. It is recommended to consult a criminal defense attorney in Baltimore who holds diverse experience in criminal defense matters, including:

  1. Assault and violent crimes: this can include all intensities and degrees of the misdemeanor and felony assault, homicide charges and manslaughter.
  2. College Board honor hearings: This also includes violations of the honor code as the result of drug crimes, sex crimes, and several other criminal charges.
  3. Drug charges: This includes possession as well as a distribution of marijuana, prescription medication fraud, and felony trafficking offenses.You must know that abuse of drug prescription is a very hot topic presently in Baltimore. Thus, you must leverage the aggressive representation of a well-versed criminal defense attorney Baltimore to defend your rights.
  4. DUI or DWI and traffic violations: This includes first-offense as well as repeat-offense DWI, driver’s license suspension, reckless endangerment, driving without insurance, failure to pay due fines, traffic tickets, and MVA hearings. The consequences for driving with a revoked or suspended license can be significantly harsh that may include fines, jail time, the full revocation of the license when it had been suspended previously, additional points as well as community service requirements.
  5. Guns and weapons charges: This includes carrying a concealed and unlicensed handgun, illegal discharge of an armed assault or firearm, and felon in possession of a firearm.
  6. Internet crimes: This includes both states as well as federal child pornography offenses, internet fraud, online sexual solicitation related to minor offenses, as well as illegal prescription of drug sales. Convicted of such crimes must consult a criminal defense attorney Baltimore as they come with harsh penalties.
  7. Sex offenses: This includes child molestation, child sexual abuse, indecent exposure, rape as well as statutory rape (date rape) and sexual assault.
  8. Theft and property crimes: Including fraud, employee theft, robbery, burglary, breaking and entering, shoplifting and possession of stolen properties.

You must know that all these crimes carry significant punishment affecting your social, personal, financial, and employment life. Once you have been permanently tagged as criminal, you may even find difficulty to get secure residency, and will not be allowed to be part of several events and religious ceremonies. Getting criminal charge of sex offense with minor will also bar you from being part of events where there are children. Consequently, you must not delay in hiring a reliable criminal defense attorney Baltimore in case you are involved in a crime.

If you need the help of a criminal defense lawyer in MD with this type of an issue in Montgomery County, Charles County (Waldorf), Rockville, Bethesda, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Anne Arundel (Annapolis), Howard County, Ellicott City or Frederick, do not hesitate to call us for a consultation. B

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