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Modern society could not exist without an ordered structure that adequately provides strength and at the same time the flexibility of this system. The familiar territory allows people to unite in the state, common interests in parties and movements, etc. But each of these associations enables us to realize only a part of human individuality, and even then, only for a short period of time. The family allows us to combine the contradictoriness of human individuality and social interests. Just within an ordinary full-fledged family and with its help a person enters a sophisticated circle of social relations, becomes a citizen. Strong family ties like no other regulator can influence human behavior, helping morality and the right to influence the person appropriately. All efforts of the society and state matters to support socially protected sections of the population would not have yielded meaningful results for all today’s pensioners, disabled people,and minors without family support. In short, healthy, prosperous families are the guarantor of the tranquility of society, stability and development of the state.

The family is an exclusive special, intimate area of human relationships that cannot be adequately regulated by the rules of law. Nevertheless, the development of the family, its well-being is so essential for the stability of society that it seeks to resolve family legal relationships.

The application of family law deals with all features of the law that is governing family relationships. A lawyer specializing in family law will prepare and register a petition in the court, in addition to representing his client. Some authorities have family courts designated for such purposes, where all these aspects are judged. In other areas, issues related to family law are sentenced in municipal, district or circuit courts

The main principles of family law in Virginia are:

  • Voluntariness of marriage relations;
  • monogamy;
  • equality of rights of spouses;
  • priority of family upbringing of children;
  • ensuring the unconditional protection of the interests and rights of children;
  • as well as the benefits and rights of disabled family members.

One of the main concepts of family law in Virginia is the concept of family. Unlike sociology, which defines the family as a union of persons based on marriage and kinship or the adoption of children for the upbringing and characterized by a common interest, mutual concern for each other, jurisprudence treats the family exclusively as a legal link between its members who are subjects of family legal relationships. In the legal sense, a family is a group of people whose mutual rights and obligations arise in connection with blood relationship, marriage, adoption.

Family members include a husband and wife who are married, registered in the manner prescribed by law, children and other relatives who have, as a rule, standard ancestors, adoptive parents and adopted children, stepmothers, stepfathers, stepdaughters, stepchildren, etc.

Rights and duties of family members are guaranteed by the state, at the same time, their emergence and existence are due only to certain legal facts (blood relationship, marriage, adoption). In connection with this, another important concept in family law is ” marriage.”

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