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Sex crimes are one of the most serious offenses one can be charged with. Any allegation relating to sex crimes can overwhelm you with a wave of emotions. Clients in these situations have often told attorneys that they go through anxiety, fear, and depression, all at the same time. No matter the nature of seriousness of the sex crimes charge, the client can never avoid going through these emotional concerns. However, the presence of a Maryland sex crimes attorney by your side can alter the situation enormously. Given the serious nature of the sex crimes, it is crucial for you to schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable sex crimes attorney in Maryland as soon as you believe that you may be convicted.

These sex crimes not only carry severe penalties in Maryland, but the repercussions you are likely to face in your future and life can considerably be harsher. If you are charged with a Maryland sex crime, the first thought that erupts in your mind is how to handle this situation. Consulting with an expert attorney and working through the issue is your first step toward a favorable situation. It is important to be cautious and to never utter anything to anyone other than your Maryland attorney when you are charged with a sex crimes charge. Schedule an appointment with our Maryland attorneys right away!!


You can never actually understand the importance of remaining silent unless you talk to someone who has suffered for not having remained silent to a police officer. A skilled attorney will caution you about the importance of not uttering any statement because after a charge anything you utter can turn into evidence for the prosecuting attorney. Although it is highly difficult to deal with stress after a Maryland sex crimes charge, being silent will help you enormously. You may disclose all information about the offense only to the Maryland sex crimes attorney you choose to retain. The anxiety and the stress of your charge are diluted when you discuss your case with an attorney. Our attorney at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C will protect your rights throughout the case. You may not be aware of your rights; our attorney will provide you will all information about your rights. Call our Maryland attorney at once!!

Another important reason for a defendant to never divulge information about the case to any person other than a Maryland attorney is sex crimes charges can alter your reputation to a great extent. Every other person in your circle has developed a prejudice against you due to your Maryland charge. If you attempt to state your version of the events, there is nothing to stop the other person from judging you, gossiping about you, or, even informing the police about your acts. Due to these reasons talking about your offense to any person other than an attorney can be dangerous. No one wants to suffer the consequences of a sex crimes charge so avoid discussing the case with anybody other than your attorney. An adept Maryland attorney will conduct a quick analysis of the issue and provide you with guidance on how to handle your proceedings effectively. The sex crimes attorneys at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. have handled several complicated cases similar to yours. Our lawyer will try to use his experience to get you a favorable order. Speak to our Maryland attorneys right away!!

Maryland criminal law provides several rights to the criminal defendant. The right to have a fair hearing is one of the rights afforded by the law. The experienced Maryland attorney will explain that any individual accused of sex crimes has the right to present their version of the events and to have the charges thoroughly investigated. In situations where the individual charged with these crimes is already a registered offender, the prosecutor presents the case in such a manner as to assert that the accused is already a registered offender, so the possibility of him committing the crime is high. To deal with such complex situations, it is important to take the assistance of a proficient lawyer. Call our Maryland attorney right away!!

Why should you hire a Maryland Sex Crimes Attorney?

It is important to consider any allegation related to sex crimes charges seriously. Taking professional assistance from a skilled Maryland sex crimes attorney is the first step after your charge. Effective and aggressive representation is possible only when experienced lawyers are involved. Regardless of the serious nature of your charge, there are always avenues open for defense. Speaking with our Maryland attorney can help you understand the possible defenses. Get an appointment with our Maryland attorney at once!!

Regardless of the situation in which sex crimes are committed in Maryland, these offenses are very severe, and severe penalties may be imposed against you. The prosecuting lawyer dealing with Maryland sex crimes receives specialized training, and attends specialized courses to convict offenders guilty of committing sex crimes in Maryland. There are various areas where the sex crimes prosecuting attorney should receive technical training such as how to deal with rape kits, dealing with interview witnesses, and the need to show compassion for the complaining party involved in the case. Our proficient and resourceful attorney knows how the other side operates and can try to effectively counter the strategies of the prosecuting attorney. Our Maryland attorney is dedicated to getting you a favorable at the earliest. Due to the competency of the sex crimes prosecuting attorney, it is crucial to work with an attorney who has the same level of expertise as the prosecuting attorney for sex crimes charges. Our Maryland sex crimes attorney is experienced in all matters dealing with criminal defense. Maryland attorneys can protect your rights and ensure that you are treated fairly throughout the process. Schedule an appointment with our lawyers to discuss your situation and start working towards a solution.

What are the Consequences of a Maryland Sex Crimes Conviction?

Sex crimes charges must be addressed carefully, and immediate action should be taken to avoid harsh penalties. Taking professional support can help avoid these consequences. Contacting the experienced team at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C can make all the difference in your life. With the assistance of our attorneys, you have a plan of action and are set to face any contingencies. It is important to bear in mind that there are always defense options open, irrespective of how grave these crimes are. Such defense tactics can include claiming that the victim is lying outright.

Unfortunately, even though it is difficult to accept that the victim of sex crimes is being dishonest, alleged victims sometimes forget certain aspects of the alleged incident or outright lie about what happened. Our Maryland sex crimes attorney will pay attention to these discrepancies or errors and will fight tenaciously for you. If you adhere to the simple instructions of our Maryland sex crimes attorney, you will be prepared for a favorable outcome and be able to control your stress throughout your difficult circumstance. Find more information about your charge from our Maryland attorney. Schedule a consultation with our Maryland sex crimes attorney at once!!

Consulting with a skilled Maryland sex crimes attorney can help you understand the possible consequences you may have to face. If you have a sex offender’s record, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to find a job, a good place to live, or even the freedom to move around Maryland. Sex offender registration is one of the most severe repercussions in Maryland, and depending on the situation, you may face many hurdles. Periodic reporting, having a photo taken and posted online, and maintaining personal information are all required to be done to properly comply with these registration laws. Speak to our attorney to try to avoid suffering adverse consequences.

The possibility of your friends and family noticing your photo on the registry is the most horrifying consequence of sex crimes convictions. Avoid such consequences by taking the assistance of a Maryland attorney immediately after your charge. In many instances, people are against the idea of having a registered offender reside in their neighborhood and they try to have the person removed from the neighborhood as early as possible. It is extremely hard to survive this difficult situation. Such consequences will haunt you long after your conviction. Registered offenders are prohibited from working in public parks, living with an adopted child (which may prevent them from remaining with family), and entering school property unless they have “lawful business”.

There are several incidents where sex offenders are rudely rejected by potential employers as the Maryland sex offense convictions reflect in background checks. Such incidents of being boycotted due to sex crimes can be highly distressing for any individual. To avoid such consequences for your Baltimore charge, it is crucial to hire a proficient sex crime attorney Baltimore County immediately after your charge and avoid being convicted. When it seems like everything is against you, it is critical to have a skilled attorney fighting for you. Our Maryland attorneys at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. have helped several clients avoid Baltimore sex crimes conviction and we will try to use our experience in helping you avoid the disastrous consequences of being convicted for sex crimes offense. Our Baltimore sex crime attorney will try to do everything possible to minimize the devastating effect these charges of sex crimes can have on your life.

When can one be charged for Maryland Sex Crimes?

Sex crimes occur when someone engages in sexual activity with another person against that person’s will. It is a widely held misconception that sexual assault, rape, and other forms of abuse must involve physical force or leave the victim with obvious wounds. However, this may not be true in all cases. The only thing that matters is consent. If there is no consent then any sexual act is considered a sex crime in Maryland. Consent is a key issue in rape as well as sexual assault trials in Maryland. The Baltimore sex crimes attorney you hire for your charge in Baltimore will work on establishing that there was consent from the other person. If the consent of the complaining victim is effectively established by a proficient sex crimes attorney, then the possibility of being acquitted is more. Due to the technical and complicated nature of framing defenses, it is difficult to have the sex crimes charge dropped in Maryland. However, having a skilled Maryland sex crimes attorney by your side can make this possible. Our Maryland sex crimes attorney at The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. can analyze the facts of your case to provide you with valuable insights about how the case would proceed.

Following are some of the Common Sex Crimes in Maryland:

There are various forms of illegal sex crimes accusations, from rape, which is usually defined as sexual penetration by force and without consent, to prostitution, which is described as sex for hire. Speaking to a proficient Maryland sex crimes attorney will help you understand that rape and sex crimes in Maryland are punishable as felonies. A qualified Maryland sex crimes attorney will explain that these charges can result in a lengthy period of imprisonment, large fines, and other severe limitations. If you are accused, or even under investigation, of rape or any sex crimes in Maryland, you should fix an appointment with an experienced Maryland sex crimes attorney immediately. Charges involving sex crimes should never be taken lightly. If you require further information about how the law deals with Maryland sex crimes, talk to our Maryland sex crimes attorney right away!! Our Maryland sex crimes attorney can provide you with all information about your charge and defenses.

Some sex crimes in Maryland include:

  • Sexual Assault involving a Child: In Maryland, it is an offense to have (or attempt to have) sexual intercourse with a child and severe penalties will be imposed against the offender. Even if the accused merely attempted to have sexual intercourse, without actually committing the act or an assault with intent is made, the accused will experience the same consequences. For any allegation pertaining to sexual assault, you should take the guidance of an experienced Maryland sex crimes attorney.
  • Child Abuse: The term “persistent” denotes behavior that involved a specific child and the commission of a sexual offense on three or more separate instances (on different days) during the victim’s childhood. It is also punishable to attempt to engage children in any activity that involves sexual acts, even if the prohibited behavior never takes place. In Maryland, those found guilty of sex crimes involving minors face severe consequences. Speak to an attorney to find the right defenses. Building a strong defense requires an understanding of the process involved. Discuss your case with our Maryland sex crimes attorney to know the penalties and how to avoid them. Our skilled attorney will assist you in building a strong defense and will try to get your charges reduced or dropped.
  • Child Pornography: Due to the widespread use of the Internet and the supposed anonymity it provides, there has been an increase in child pornography offenses. Child porn crime charges in Maryland are very complicated with severe penalties. The prosecuting lawyer’s strategies can be based on information found in a defendant’s computer or mobile device cache, browser history, file transfer activities, and cookie files. You may occasionally unknowingly download “harmless” software or spyware, or you may receive pornographic files over email and may be charged in Maryland. As the consequences are severe, take the help of our attorney as early as possible. Do note that the act of editing or changing already-existing content is also considered illegal in Maryland, and entering into an agreement or arrangement to produce material (even if the material was not produced) can result in charges.
  • Prostitution & Solicitation: Although pandering, solicitation, and prostitution, are only misdemeanors in Maryland, the accused may still face severe repercussions. The majority of these arrests are the result of online and off-road sting operations. Undercover police frequently pose as prostitutes to seduce potential clients into uncomfortable circumstances, after which they accuse them of solicitation or other prostitution-related sexual crimes. If you are charged with Maryland sex crimes involving sting operations, do not hesitate to speak to our Maryland sex crimes attorney. Our team can provide you with adept assistance in defending your charge.

Date rape, lewd actions, pandering, pimping, statutory rape, and illegal sodomy are examples of other sex crimes. If you are charged with any complex sex crimes, consult with our lawyers at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. Our team will guide you through every stage of the criminal proceeding. Our attorney will try to use our skills and experience to get you the most favorable outcome.

No matter how serious the sex crimes charges are, keep in mind that a strong legal defense can be prepared with the assistance of an attorney. It is advisable to contact our attorneys at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. if you are charged with a sex crime. Understand the defenses and penalties by scheduling an appointment with our attorneys right away!!

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