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Child pornography is the act of producing or promoting pornography in which children are exploited for illegal sexual stimulation or sex practices. Child pornography is considered an illegal and unethical activity in many jurisdictions around the world. Many religions and cultures also disclaim the production and promotion of child pornography as per their government or state laws. There have been many cases reported in the recent years of the convicted prisoners which were involved in child pornography.

Child pornography might be produced with sexual assault or direct involvement of a child in a sexual act. Child pornography involves child sexual abusive images and sometimes stimulated child pornographic activities. Production of child pornography under the influence of recording media (also known as porno or blue films) mainly involve the sexual abuse of a child by vulgar expositions of their genitals and private body parts such as pubic areas. The recorded media of child pornography is either released on illegal porn websites or sold in compact discs format at illicit retailers.

Child pornography comprises of various means of media such as:

  1. Paintings
  2. Cartoons
  3. Animation
  4. Drawing
  5. Magazines
  6. Writings
  7. Sound Recording
  8. Video Games
  9. Films / Videos
  10. Photos

In the light of ethics and lawful conducts, child pornography has been defined by federal jurists as a serious misconduct of ethical values and violation of cultural norms. The federal lawyers and juries, clearly defy any means of child pornography that includes film or video production, sexual abusive images & photos, OR computer-generated graphics or media. All of the mentioned means of child pornography production either in electronical media or print media will be undertaken as per defined sections of the lawful acts and misconducts.

The conviction for producing or promotion of child pornography becomes accountable when:

  1. Production of such pictorial exposition engages a minor in an act of sexually explicit activity.
  2. Computer-generated media or graphics is produced which involves a minor in a sexual explicit misconduct by the child pornography producer.
  3. A child is adapted and modified to appear as a distinguishable minor for creation of child pornography. Anyone who falls under the age of 18 are considered minors.

Any sort of importation, distribution, transportation, human trafficking, receipt and possession of child pornography are completely forbidden by federal laws. Those who violate the federal laws under the influence of child pornography are accountable to face mandatory sentences. The sentence is depending on the offense type. Other examples of radical child pornography are not considered a minimal violation of federal laws and is punishable with serious consequences in terms of imprisonment or huge fine, sometimes both.

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