Virginia Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses are the commonly used modes of public transportation. The safety feature in a bus is extensive to protect the life of the passengers and the driver. Most crashes happen due to distraction while driving, the reason could be due to the negligence of the driver or a third party. An auto mishap places the lives of many passengers at risk. The victim involved in a mishap can avail financial compensations for their injuries by gaining help from a Virginia bus accident lawyer. The wounded victim with physical incapability will be unable to attend court trials due to hospitalization. Therefore, contact the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. for legal representation as we help victims in getting the best claim possible under the circumstances.

Government regulations

The Virginia government records a large number of auto crashes every year. These unexpected events inflict injuries on the passengers. In extreme cases, mishap also results in fatalities. A Virginia bus accident lawyer strives hard to ensure justice for the affected people.


A mishap can happen due to various reasons. A Virginia bus accident lawyer works on all kinds of auto claims. Auto mishaps commonly involve school buses, emergency vehicles, private vans, public buses, etc. A Virginia bus accident lawyer is acquainted with the claim process.

Personal injury lawsuits

Some of the commonly registered reasons for the mishap include:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Failing to pay regard to the traffic lights and signals.
  • Traveling at speeds that are above the recognized limits.
  • Driving with patterns that endanger the safety of people and properties on road.
  • Transmitting on damaged and bumpy roads.
  • Traveling during inappropriate weather conditions. For instance, heavy rains can block the vision of the road and traffic ahead.
  • Driving during a medical sickness. For instance, drowsiness can cause blurry vision which makes it difficult for the drivers to gain sight of the traffic conditions ahead.
  • Ineffective driving. A Virginia bus accident lawyer would have also dealt with similar cases that involve drivers, who were improperly trained for handling large and crucial vehicles.
  • Improperly maintained vehicles. In several cases, a Virginia bus accident lawyer is also expected to handle injury claims that were caused due to improperly maintained vehicles.
  • Inattentive driving. On several occasions, mishaps are caused due to distracted driving.

A Virginia bus accident lawyer is expected to identify and examine the real cause of the crash. It helps in the identification and conviction of the offender. A mishap could be caused due to the negligence of the driver, the passengers in the vehicle, or due to the distraction on road involving a third person. The Virginia Bus Accident lawyer verifies the evidence based on whom they represent. If the crash was caused due to the incompetency of a driver, the Virginia bus accident lawyer lodges allegations against the company that employed the driver. If a public bus was involved in the crash, the Virginia bus accident lawyer files a suit against the state government for the damages incurred. If the misfortune occurred as a result of driving a faulty vehicle, the Virginia bus accident lawyer can also file a case against the company that manufactured the defective spares.

A Virginia bus accident lawyer should be cautious while identifying the genuine reasons behind the reported incident.

Injuries sustained due to bus accidents

Auto mishaps can cause catastrophic consequences since the lives of a large number of individuals are placed at risk. Several consequences include physical injuries, fatalities, and materialistic damages. Large public transport vehicles do not come with a seatbelt for passengers, leaving them exposed to dangers during a collision. With zero protection there is every possibility that they are thrown off during a collision. A Virginia bus accident lawyer would have met up with a large number of clients, who incurred concussions, fractures, bruises, etc. In several cases, the passengers undergo trauma and stress as a result of the injuries inflicted on them or psychological stress witnessing a catastrophe of such nature. Thus, a Virginia bus accident lawyer is obligated to acquire financial compensation for both the materialistic losses and emotional trauma experienced by the injured victims.

Laws governing bus accidents in Virginia

A Virginia bus accident lawyer is well acquainted with the laws that advocate safety regulations in a public transport vehicle. The recognized blood alcohol concentration for public transport drivers is lower than the limits acknowledged for other drivers. A Virginia bus accident lawyer is well aware of the regulations observed for operating school buses within the state. Similarly, the Virginian jurisdiction has enforced strict guidelines to regulate the registration of injury claims.

A Virginia bus accident lawyer files an injury claim within two years from the date of the mishap. All lawsuits that are filed after the stipulated time limits are declared invalid. A Virginia bus accident lawyer will not be able to fetch compensation for the victims that register for claims after two years from the date of the mishap. If the injured victims are below 18 years of age, the 2-year period commences only when they attain the age of 18.

All lawsuits that are lodged against the government (in circumstances wherein the crash was caused while traveling using public transportation) are expected to be filed within 12 months from the date of the crash. Additionally, the plaintiff will be required to fulfill various procedures before registering lawsuits at the court. A layman will have no expertise in fulfilling these requisites. Thus, these prerequisites should be met only under the guidance of a Virginia bus accident lawyer.

The significance of a Virginia bus accident lawyer

Mishaps involving passengers are not as simple as other automobile collisions. Huge vehicles, notable companies, and even the state government are seen to be involved in almost all personal injury lawsuits. Additionally, every auto mishap observes numerous eyewitnesses and victims. Multiple individuals file for compensation in certain circumstances and an experienced Virginia bus accident lawyer helps in acquiring the right compensation for the losses and stress incurred by the victims. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. are flexible in handling compensation cases. Whether you are a victim or the owner of the bus, we have suitable representations to give you respite from the unfortunate situation.

The value of a claim is derived by referring to both monetary and non-monetary damages. A Virginia bus accident lawyer examines both these aspects before arriving at conclusions regarding the threshold of the compensation expected. Thus, legal assistance from an efficient Virginia bus accident lawyer is a must when it comes to obtaining bus accident injury claims. Call us at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C., for more details.

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