Virginia Dog Bite Lawyer

Elucidation of Various Defenses Used by Virginia Dog Bite Lawyer

The master of a dog is liable to pay compensation if it is proved that the pet bit the victim or caused any other physical injury. The owner is held for negligence and both the owner of the pet and the victim need legal help to amicably settle the issue. Various jurisdictions have recognized a separate code of law to regularize personal injury. A layman may not have the legal expertise to handle the case and requires the assistance of an efficient Virginia dog bite lawyer in these circumstances. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. have immense experience in the field and can resolve your case swiftly and efficiently.

Prosecuting dog bite lawsuits

Unlike other American states, Virginia has no explicit set of statutes to prosecute the case. Therefore, a Virginia dog bite lawyer is entitled to handle the claims with the help of the precedents that were registered in the past. The ‘one bite’ rule plays a major role in deciding the outcome of an injury claim. According to this rule, individuals can be held accountable for the injuries inflicted by their pets only if they realized or predicted (before the actual accident) that their pet might behave violently. A Virginia dog bite lawyer is useful in proving this rule.

The one-bite rule emphasizes that the pet owner is liable if there is a history of similar acts in the past or if the pet is aggressive. The Virginia Dog Bite Lawyer proves beyond doubt that the pet behaved aggressively in the past to claim compensation for their client. Additionally, a Virginia dog bite lawyer states that the owner was completely cognizant of the previous aggressive encounters between the pet and the injured victim.

A Virginia dog bite lawyer cites this rule for the processing of the compensation that is sought for the injuries (any kind) caused by the canine. For instance, the pet would have just chased the victim as a result of which he/she would have incurred injuries by colliding with a moving vehicle or fell on the ground. In these cases, the Virginia dog bite lawyer accuses the pet as a primary source of danger that led to severe or minor injuries.


Compensation is possible even in instances where the victim is found to have no traumatic experiences with the pet in the past. The state legislation instructs every pet owner to exercise care and caution before taking the pet out for a walk in public places. In particular, the pet should be leashed and kept under the control of its owner. Compensation can be availed for the injuries that are caused by a pet that was left uncontrolled in public places. In these cases, the Virginia dog bite lawyer argues that the owner should have been responsible by taking prior caution before leaving their pet unleashed. The negligence of the owner is subjected to legal scrutiny. A Virginia dog bite lawyer pinpoints the failure of the defendant to carry out duties as a pet owner.

Criminal prosecution of dog bite lawsuits

A Virginia dog bite lawyer is well acquainted with the means with which a claim is prosecuted at the state court. Penalties are adjudicated to the negligent owners of the at-fault pets. A Virginia dog bite lawyer can move a criminal case if a fatality is recorded. The following are the ways with which a lawsuit finds settlement:

  • If the canine injures or kills a pet.
  • In these cases, the owners are charged with a class 2 misdemeanor.
  • If the pet attacks or injures a person.
  • In these circumstances, the owners are accused of misdemeanors that belong to class 1.
  • In several cases, the owners would have released them without considering the safety of those around them. A Virginia dog bite lawyer believes that the at-fault pet owner is entirely responsible for the consequences incurred in these cases. The state inflicts class 6 felony charges against these irresponsible pet owners.

The attorney is acquainted with the penalties incurred on those who fail to register with the state directory for owning dangerous pets. The state government lodges criminal cases against the guilty owners. On the other hand, the victims can register civil lawsuits against the at-fault pet owners. Civil lawsuits should be registered only with the help of a reliable Virginia dog bite lawyer.

The lawsuit should be registered within 2 years from the date the accident occurred. The lawsuits that are filed after these stipulated deadlines are declared invalid. Thus, a Virginia dog bite lawyer instructs the victims to be quick while registering an injury claim.

Defenses rendered by a Virginia dog bite lawyer while representing the at-fault owner

The accused owners can defend the accusations registered against them by hiring a Virginia dog bite lawyer. Not all accidents are caused due to the arrogance of the at-fault pet. In several cases, the Virginia dog bite lawyer claims that the injured victim and the at-fault pet are equally responsible for the consequences incurred. On several occasions, the victim would have provoked the pet with a stick or log which eventually aggravated the animal. The injured victim may have equally contributed to the occurrence of the accident in these cases.

Therefore, the Virginia lawyer utilizes the contributory negligence of the injured victim as a tool to defend the owner from incurring severe criminal charges. If the lawyer comes out successful in proving the contributory negligence of the defendant, the latter stands barred from acquiring compensation for the injuries sustained. Enjoy a number of benefits by seeking assistance from a Virginia dog bite lawyer. A lawsuit can be effectively and quickly resolved only under the guidance of a Virginia dog bite lawyer. Speedy outcomes and desirable compensation are guaranteed when assisted by the right Virginia dog bite lawyer.

Virginia is one of the few states that bar recovery from the affected individual even if he/she is responsible for the injury. If the victim is partly responsible, the claims become zero and the victim cannot collect any damages. Contact the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. in such circumstances to resolve the case in your favor.

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