Internet Sex Crimes Virginia Lawyer-Cyber Defense Fairfax Loudoun

Internet Sex Crimes Virginia Lawyer-Cyber Defense Fairfax

Basically, any high-tech crime that is committed with the use of a computer, cellphone or other digital device is referred to as an Internet offense or cyber offense in Virginia. Cybercrime is all about computers, the data on computers, and how the data is interpreted. The technology behind computers is what the government will use to prove the cybercrime and will go well beyond any typical evidence. As cyber technology continues to grow and expand, the number of Internet offenses in Virginia have grown significantly. Since these computer offenses have increased so intensely, the state and federal governments are cracking down now more than ever against cyber offense offenders. A cybercrime, generally speaking, is unlawful conduct carried out through the use of a computer or a digital device. There are numerous examples of cybercrimes in Virginia ranging from illegal sales of drugs, firearms and securities, software piracy or intellectual property theft, or even online pornography and child luring.

The Virginia Computer Crimes Act makes it a crime to use a computer to obtain services or goods by false pretense, steal or commit larceny. It also makes the crime to use a computer or computer network to remove data or programs, cause the computer to malfunction or cause injury to the property of another. It is also a crime to use a computer to enter the privacy of another. These crimes can be either felonies or misdemeanors depending on the nature of the crime.

Internet technology has also brought plenty of new opportunities for people to engage in traditional theft, identity theft, and financial fraud. Clearly, the Internet lulls plenty of web users into a false sense of secrecy, even though Internet accounts are secured to unique internet protocol addresses that are easy for law enforcement to trace. Of course, many Internet accounts are not limited merely one user. If you have been accused of cybercrime, you could face serious consequences.  You should consult with a Virginia cybercrime lawyer if you are facing charges in state or federal court. A federal cybercrime lawyer in Virginia can review the facts and circumstances surrounding your case and help prepare an aggressive defense.

With the dominance of computers, cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices used by individuals and businesses, cybercrimes are becoming more prevalent. According to the Virginia Attorney General, half of all Virginia residents have had their personal information compromised through the use of an electronic device. Because of how widespread these crimes are becoming, they are strongly prosecuted by Virginia and federal prosecutors.

The Internet has quickly become an essential in the lives of individuals throughout the nation. It is a useful tool for education, business, and to maintain personal relationships. As people become reliant on technology, they must understand the potential for criminal activity. The state of Virginia classifies Internet sex crimes as computer crimes. Prosecutors in the state take extensive actions to ensure that threats of Internet crimes are quickly handled. If you are under investigation for an Internet crime, speak with our internet sex crimes lawyer in Virginia at once.

The intentional trespassing into computer network, use of a computer for fraud, and various other crimes involving a computer are prohibited under state laws. In Virginia, computer crimes also include invasion of privacy and computer harassment. This means enhancing the Cyber Division’s investigative capacity to sharpen its focus on intrusions into government and private computer networks.

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