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In case you are getting divorced and have children as well, then part of your divorce agreement will surely involve deciding with who and where the children will reside. An attorney well-versed in child custody in Virginia can assist you negotiate the custody matter, either in court or by agreement. The one with who the child lives is legally termed as custodial parent and holds all the necessary legal right to make vital decisions related to the lifestyle, education and welfare of the child. Some parents mutually opt joint custody as it allows children to share their time and company between both parents’ house. Additionally, it also allows parents to share the legal right to make important decisions on behalf of their children.

In an event you as a concerned parent are not able to reach a child custody agreement, then the court decision will rule the situation. Here are five effective steps to help you win child custody in Virginia:

1. Aggressively Promote Your Contribution in Your Child’s Education

Although every parent attempts to testifies claims that they help and support their kids with their homework as well as their education, how would you prove the same especially when the teachers claims you typically do nothing. You have to play a considerable role. You can start this by doing following activities:

  • Obtain report cards, school records, and interim reports
  • Have good relationships with teachers
  • Note absences, performance, and progress
  • Attend parent-teacher conferences
  • Volunteer at almost every opportunity

2. Contribute Towards Child’s Social and Recreational Development

Children always need and want extracurricular activities, like dance, music, sports, or any other joyous hoppy outside schooling system. Additionally, they also need time with their friends. Thus, you must make sure your kid is effectively developing in life’s such areas. Coach, volunteer, mentor, and do whatever possible for you to encourage and inspire your child. In fact, you must be able to demonstrate yourself towards judge as a parent who raises a happy, well-rounded child in order to win child custody in Virginia.

3. Know Your Children

Know your child as much so that you can clearly talk about them without making a pause for an hour easily on your own. Thus, you must know about their likes and dislikes, friends, and favorite classes, books, movies, and sports teams. Additionally, participate in their activities and review their social networking. Finally, talk about all this in court to obtain child custody in Virginia.

4. Be A Caregiver

Accompany them to their regular doctor and other appointments. Figure out what doctors’ say, ask them questions and get involved eventually. Make sure the babysitter you appoint is qualified and you know them very well. Get CCR certification if you do not already have. This will ultimately present in court that you seriously care about your child’s health and wellbeing.

5. Watch Your Behavior

You must know that judges in Virginia will heavily scrutinize your behavior as a parent. Thus, do not provide the other side even a doubtful reason to prove you as a bad parent. Always be nice besides making your points to win child custody in Virginia.

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