Do I really Need a DUI Lawyer in Virginia?

If you are reading this, then it means that you have either been arrested or want to avoid getting arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Virginia. Getting arrested for DUI can lead to a serious life-altering experience as it can get it recorded in your permanent records forever and you might also face consequences even after serving your sentence.

For saving yourself from the troubles of getting arrested for DUI, you need a life saver, which is why you need a DUI lawyer in Virginia immediately who can come to your aid when you need him the most. A DUI lawyer can help and guide you through, before or after getting arrested for the DUI offense. A DUI lawyer can be your legal advisor and educate you about the complex Virginia DUI rules and the consequences such as:

  • DUI is a criminal conviction
  • If convicted, then it means that you are guilty and that your record cannot be expunged. It may also affect your present and future employment decisions, insurance or admission to colleges.
  • You may have a certain number of days to appeal for your driver’s license suspension

So far, you just know a few of the consequences that you could face if you are arrested for DUI, there is much more to it though. Here’s what you can do immediately; hire a qualified and an experienced legal lawyer, who is knowledgeable about DUI cases. A DUI lawyer in Virginia can give you basic instructions and will guide the possible steps to follow and the loopholes to be avoided when convicted or charged with DUI. At best, he can either save you from getting into trouble or get you out from it completely.

The Skill of a DUI Lawyer

A skilled top notch DUI lawyer in Virginia can think of ample potential legal defenses for you. In this way, your DUI conviction can either be avoided or served with minimum charges. A DUI lawyer can explain you some legal challenges that may eventually result in your DUI case being dismissed for good by the prosecutor or the judge. Here are some legal challenges for DUI:

Having a Probable Cause or even a Reasonable Suspicion

At first, you need to see the bigger picture at the time of your arrest. Did the police stop you for a probable or a lawful reason? He must have a profound reason to stop you which could include reckless driving, over speeding, not stopping at a traffic signal or crossing into the other lane. So eventually, just because the police officer said that he or she had a legal reason to stop you, doesn’t make it true. You certainly have the right to appeal an independent evaluation by the judge.

There have been many DUI cases which have completely rejected on the basis that the police officer did not have the legal right to stop and pull you over in the first place.

Applying Jurisdiction

Sometimes, it is also necessary to look at the DUI case from a different perspective, viewpoint or an angle. So if you have been stopped by a police officer, then you also need to see if that particular police officer was serving in his or her jurisdiction or not. Every police officer has a jurisdiction area which means that they are only authorized to act or operate as a law enforcement officer in the particular area only they are assigned to and not beyond that.

Certain DUI cases have known to be rejected because the police officers were found to be outside their jurisdiction. So a DUI lawyer in Virginia also has the knowledge to fight for your case, challenge it and win to save you from prosecution.

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