What Do You Need to Know About a Reckless Driving Virginia Lawyer cost?

What is Reckless Driving?

Reckless driving is when the driver of the vehicle shows a disregard for all the traffic rules; misjudges the driving procedures, and ends up causing severe accidents or damages.

Virginia Reckless Driving Statute

As per the Virginia reckless driving statute, under the Regulation of Traffic Code:

An individual will be guilty of reckless driving, who drives a vehicle, on the highways;

  1. at a speed higher than twenty miles per hour of the speeding limit allowed
  2. is faster than 80 miles per hour irrespective of the speeding limit allowed

Penalties for reckless driving in Virginia

As per the Code of Virginia Section 46.2-868 the individual who is found guilty of reckless driving would receive a Class-1 misdemeanor conviction. It is the same conviction that may be given to those who are found guilty of assault, and drug possession.

The penalties that may come along with a Class 1 misdemeanor charge may include a fine of $2500 and a jail term of at least a year. Furthermore, their driving privileges may also be suspended for up to six months along with six demerit points added to the driving record of the individual.

A person may further have to face more penalties if he is found with possession of a radar detector or a jammer installed in their vehicle.

Long-term Consequences of Reckless Driving in Virginia

Along with the penalties that an individual might face in his reckless driving case, there are several long-term consequences of reckless driving, especially, if you are caught driving recklessly in Virginia.

These problems may include;

Insurance premiums

Other than the fine, jail term and the suspension of the individual’s driving license, the insurance premiums become a huge concern for those convicted of reckless driving.

A reckless driving ticket increases the insurance premiums by a massive 21.8 percent; whereas a normal speeding ticket increases the premiums by 10.26 percent in general.

Security clearance problems

You may face a life-long problem with getting security clearances when needed. Although a single ticket does not weigh in much, multiple tickets may cause serious problems with your security clearance reviews. It is hence, highly recommended to speak to a security clearance officer on the subject.

Loss of job

If the nature of the job is to drive around, or if you work for a company that has a strict policy to terminate the employees with tickets for reckless driving, or if you are applying for a job opening and the company finds about your history of reckless driving ticket, then you might face serious problems at your workplace.

Demerit points

Virginia supports integrated point systems for the drivers. With the starting level at zero, you earn a point for driving a year without any ticket. Similarly, a ticket might cause you negative points. Reckless driving carries the maximum numbers of negative points in all the traffic tickets causing you a negative of six points. Receiving too many of these negative points may cause the DMV to send you to an improvement center or may cancel or suspend your license.

How much might a Reckless Driving Lawyer cost you?

The Virginia reckless driving lawyer fee and costs can differ based on the nature of the charge and the circumstances of the individual case. A basic Virginia reckless driving lawyer may cost you between $250 to $950 depending on the complexity and time taken to resolve your particular case. B

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